Tuesday, November 20, 2007

material - or method

I'm always looking for interesting materials to make art in, or methods for making art. Through Mikroponent you can order more or less any shape (for example a rough sketch) etched out in a metal alloy (plate). As they are etching it out - not cutting - they can make very detailed and sharp shapes. The only downside is that it's expensive to just make a few - or many in different shapes. It's like printing ... a starting cost and then cheaper per item the more of the same you order. I've talked to them (asking for prices for an idea I had) - they were very nice and excited when I wanted to make something different (then their normal orders) with their method (like art!).

I've booked the enamel ovens for next week. I'm finally going to work on those enamel plates I bought in the middle of September. I'm going to make this roosters (above) as a material test for the entrances ... and 12 other totally different ones. My own stuff - so to say (not commission!). I've bought a special enamel screening emulsion with skulls all over it. It's poison.

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Camilla Engman said...

Det ser fint ut.
Vad spännade med emaljen!
Jag skulle till kkv så snart som möjligt, men fick så klart ett bråttom-jobb. Ville dit innan färgerna torkade :) Sen hyr jag ju fortfarande två ramar. Glömde också skriva upp arb.tim. Lycka till med emaljen.