Wednesday, November 28, 2007

enamel: day 2

Today I've been mostly masking and spray painting the enamel plates. Some turn out really good, others ... I don't know. I'm supposed to experiment a bit though, so of course I get surprise results... I try not to play it safe (it's tempting though!) It's hard to know how the colours will turn out after being in the oven. One red just became light brown!

Mithi gave me a link to print on enamel. Thanks! They are out there - just hard to find.

Right now seems to be the time for open calls to group exhibits. Röda Sten has one here in Göteborg (deadline on Friday. Information in English as well) and Bohusgalleriet in Uddevalla another one.


littlemithi said...

Pleasure to be of help! They don't teach us illustration students enameling, but I went and asked the studio technicians about it and they said I can come and join one of the MA Printmaking introductory sessions if they have space. Yay!

So I hope to learn how to do it too very soon ....

littlemithi said...

Oops! Forgot to give you these two enamel artists: