Friday, April 15, 2011

water cut aluminium

the outlines for one of the aluminium plates ( 3 m x 1,5 m)

Next week I'll be working full time on my commission again; my helper has finished cutting out the bigger shapes and today the more complex water cut shapes were delivered to KKV (artist run collective workshops). 

The maximum length of what you can get into the elevator at KKV is 2,5 meter, which I'm very much aware of (I've been on the board at KKV for some years) - so I had checked that the package with my water cut aluminium shapes shouldn't be bigger. But it was (2,58 cm)! At 15:15 Ingmar, the handy man at KKV, called me (in my studio on the other side of town) and told me that my package had arrived and that it didn't fit into the elevator... Ingmar then spend half an hour unpacking all the bits and to get them into the elevator (it's not his job to do this. He's a wonderful man. He said he wanted a trip to Goa for this) - and I could go to preschool and pick up my son.

 I didn't just ordered what I needed for the commission, but also all the bits for the figure group with Snow White in smaller format. I'm very curious to see all the bits (and hoping nothing is wrong). But I will have to wait until Monday as I am teaching all weekend.

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Camilla Engman said...

Åh vad spännande!
Kommer du att kunna sova :)