Wednesday, April 06, 2011

photosession: new paintings

- I had checked the weather forecast: sunny afternoon
- I had brought the camera and tripod to the studio
- I had emptied the memory card
- I had moved everything in the studio to get the optimal light and angel
- I set the mode to RAW (not jpg) 
- I took all the photos 
- I wrote down all the measurements
- Very pleased with myself I went home 

Today I discovered that I never set the mode to RAW (I was so sure I did) ... Shit, I will have to do it all over next week!! (my paintings are very often so subtle in tones and nuances that jgp isn't doing them justice)


Ana Gonzalez said...

I had to take over all the pictures of all my works and saved in TIFF. Too much work. I made ​​them on Raw, but kept them in PSD and last week I learned that to avoid loss of quality must be stored in TIFF, so I had to repeat all the pictures and repeat all the retouching.Uff!

gracia said...

How rotten! Redoing something, repeating a task you thought finished, it sends me bananas and was the theme of my whole week previous.

(Great new paintings, I ought add before signing off. So much movement. Never still. I like that.)