Tuesday, April 05, 2011

my painting process

Sometimes people ask me about my painting process; if I sketch, how much I plan, how long it takes (very hard to estimate!) etc. So I thought I could share part of my process, how I started working on three paintings in February. 

My main "problem" is always that I tend to be a little bit too skilful. Therefore I try different approaches to make painting harder, less comfortable, in order to concentrate on my first passionate outburst. This time I decided I shouldn't mount the paper at first and that I should work on three different paintings on the same paper ... so I would have to walk around on it.
Here the paper is still very wet and I take my first pause to have a look at what I've achieved. I never sketch beforehand, but I've normally decided on a certain colour scheme and of course what expression I'm after. (Notice my dirty footsteps on the paper)
Taking a closer look and adding some lines.
The colours start fading when the painting dries...

Then I cut the paper into smaller pieces and mounted the papers on boards in order to continue. This part of the process involves a lot of looking and thinking - and might take some time.
I've had major difficulties finishing this painting. At a certain point it gave me the the finger (literally), but I think I've finally figured out how I'll get it to work. I'll give it a try next week - if it doesn't work then it could be one of those painting that need like half a year. Or one that will never become good enough (I think it has some potential though)

In some days I'll post photos of paintings I've finished lately (two of these).


Daniel Milton said...

Kul att få följa med. Vilket jättepapper!

Frank Zweegers said...

Great job.

nathalie et cetera said...

comme c'est intéressant ! thanks for sharing! --- ça se dit si mal en français, la langue anglaise est souvent plus directe, moins jolie par contre :)

Christine said...

Super fedt at se ind bag processen. Og meget smukke billeder