Monday, February 21, 2011

Supermarket Art Fair

I spent the weekend in Stockholm visiting the two Art Fairs Supermarket (artist-run galleries - not commercial) and Market (the leading Nordic galleries - commercial). Even though I somehow wish it wasn't like that ... I found the last one much more interesting.
So: on Saturday I visited Supermarket which is focusing on Artist-run galleries regularly staging public exhibitions in their own exhibition spaces and other artists' initiatives. The fair presented 70 artists' initiatives from 26 countries.

There were some very obvious protests against the commercialism in the art market (surprise!), performances and installations, some things that made me smile - and of course some good art. The main problem, as I see it with these kind of fairs, is very often that too much is squeezed in - and in small cubicles in a maze. Too much impressions. Art that demands a little more concentration will be lost. It's not for nothing that "the white cube" concept works well for much art. Or maybe so many impressions and fragments work for the zapping generation? [I don't think I belong there]. Anyway I thought everything looked so much more interesting and appealing when I looked in the exhibition catalogue afterwards...
Anna Linderstam (we studied art history together).
Nationalgalleriet - all about sausage (humour is never wrong)
a playful paper pigeon in the staircase (DKTUS)
the Art in Candyland's stand I might have appreciated in another context
Andreas Korsar showed some wooden sculptures next to his drawings (Galleri Box)

Tomorrow I'll post some photos from Market.


Daniel Milton said...

Håller med om allt. Anna Linderstam var helt klart en av de bästa grejerna, det blev lite hobby över mässan i övrigt. Tyvärr.

gracia said...

"Or maybe so many impressions and fragments work for the zapping generation? [I don't think I belong there]" neither. I like a little more space and time to mull things over.

We Blog Artists said...

It's always interesting to see what olthers are doing...BTW...LOVE LOVE LOVE your finished piece in the previous post!

Veja cecilia said...

ser ut som att det har varit innehållsrikt!