Tuesday, February 08, 2011

calendar and cycles

Pintameldia's calendar for 2011 and a close up of one of my favourite girls inside it

As a surprise gift I got Esti's calendar in the mail the other day. I love it Esti, Thanks!

I'm home with a feverish son these days, as I tend to be this time of the year. Life goes in cycles and it becomes even more evident when you can check what happened last year by reading your own blog posts. Not only do I seem to be struggling with making new paintings in January/February - I seem to be utterly surprised that someone, like every year, interrupts my creative studio days (feverish son). What is really encouraging though - if I follow the same pattern - is that I will get the flow and make a number of good art pieces in the end of this month.


husband said...


Hellie said...

soon soon soon - it will all turn out well and spring will be back!

gracia said...

Patterns, I like them too. Patterns that form slowly over time or quick, I like them all. I, too, am surprised by the patterns that come about when I look through my own archives.

Esti's calendar looks great. You are sure to enjoy its company.