Monday, January 03, 2011

starting 2011

This morning it was pit dark when the alarm clock woke us. It was cold and slippery when I went for my morning run. But I felt happy anyway; starting afresh is always great.

I went to my studio and checked that my plants were still alive, fiddled a bit, went to my frame maker to frame some paintings for my upcoming exhibition (we had a long chat and I got to know him even better), bought some art supplies and did some paper works. This week will probably be mostly preparations, research and administration (bookkeeping!), but next week I'll start some serious studio time - I've so been looking forward to it!

During my vacation I made myself this little box for my new bookbinding supplies following the instructions from Books, Boxes and Portfolios - Binding, Construction and Design Step-by-Step by Franz Zeier (great book). I really enjoyed it! I feel that maybe making a lot of boxes and portfolios could be the way for me to solve my chaos with papers and little things?


marie-louise said...

Jomenvisst, nu är det dax för ett nytt år. En ny start - en ganska skön känsla:)

marie-louise said...

En sak till, när jag först såg den där lådan med lite saker i tänkte jag att du nog skulle berätta något spännande minne (som du gjorde för några år sedan)
Men tji fick jag!

when skies are grey said...

Great job on the box! I think all we artist type love the New Year for all of its' renewal and fresh start possibilities:)

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

A HAPPY HAPY HAPPY 2011 to you...
at first I thought your VERY well executed box was a Hermes box...brava, it's beautiful. I will check the links...thanks!
HUGS and I look forward to following along,checking in and seeing what 2011 will bring you.

Esti said...

for your words I understand that I should check that book to solve my own chaos.

Happy new year Alexandra! I truly hope we can meet sometime this year :)

Fruenswerk said... that box girl...Is it orange juice I see? haha :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Lotte (Fruenswerk) - it is not orange juice. It is bee wax!