Thursday, December 16, 2010

slippery day

Suddenly it got warmer and it rained this morning creating water puddles on the ice and snow. Super slippery (running this morning was very tricky). I was supposed to go by bus to the nearby town Borås to discuss dates for a future exhibition ... but all the buses were late because of the weather and road accidents, so after 1,5 hours I gave up. Instead I spent a lot of money on huge rolls of paper and other art supplies.

I tried to keep my balance carrying two 1,5 meter paper rolls, a huge cardboard parcel and 4 bags ... when a woman offered to help me carry, as she thought it looked impossible. I said "thanks, but no thanks" - but I thought it was very sweet of her. (why is it always women who offer to help me?) I twice moved in between studios with a shopping cart - took me several trips ... You have to do these things on your own now and then or you will become too comfortable.

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gracia said...

I like how you mention that you need to do these things on your own lest you become too comfortable... I think that is important too.

Watch your footing, A.