Monday, December 06, 2010

green apples next time?

I don't know what happens with  time - either it flies or I've just managed to get exhibitions kind of close to each other?

Last week I already had to chose image for the invitation card for my next exhibition - and decide the title. I decided to call the exhibition "Under the Surface" (Under Ytan) and picked the painting above for the invitation card. When I took this kitschy photo I didn't think about all the red apples I had on my last opening... But now I saw it - so it will be green ones the next time (not many people will understand why, but I will laugh)


nathalie et cetera said...

C'est drôle en voyant la pomme, j'ai tout de suite pensé à ton autre expo. ton année a été très riche. out ton travail a enfin rapporté. félicitations pour ta nouvelle expo!

gracia said...

Having all sorts of bother loading images my end... my internet is an elderly snail. Look forward to seeing the work... I will wait and learn a little patience.

(I've given you a small prize on my blog. Please see my latest post if you get a chance and play along if you like.)

g xo