Thursday, January 05, 2017

summing up 2016: Jan-March

2016 was a horrible year for me privately, especially the first half year. Which is one of the reasons why I took a break from blogging.

But I do not wish to linger on that subject - professionally 2016 was a good year and focusing on working helped me through some hard time.
All of January was dedicated to a printmaking project for preschoolers together with Carina Eriksson at Sinkadusen - a creative resource-center for preschools in Mölndal. Almost 100 children got the chance to try several different ways to work with printmaking and every time we looked to a different artist's work for inspiration (one of them being me).

In February and March I kept focusing on printmaking when making an investigation and report on how the Printmaking department at Akademin Valand could improve with suggestions for changing the workshop's all over lay-out and what new investments could be made. I visited many printmaking studios - here at the photo the lithographic workshop at the school of Fine Art in Stockholm.

First half of 2016 was also the time for my Land Art Project (supported by a generous grant from the region) - a pedagogical project to develop the methods working with preschools and with the goal to get more artists to work with Land Art for preschoolers. February- March I focused on the preschool teachers with workshops outdoors (cold...). Here you can read about the whole project (in Swedish though) 
During this period I also completed a public commission for a preschool in Getinge (Halmstad Municipal) - and in March it was finally mounted!

Looking back at this period I wonder how many hours a week
 I worked? Did I sleep?
Did I take
any day off at all?

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