Tuesday, January 10, 2017

summing up 2016: April-June

In April and May I continued with my Land Art project developing the methodology and giving many workshops for preschoolers. 

May came with beautiful weather and I participated with a Land Art installation along Stensjöpromenaden in Mölndal as part of Green Gothenburg.

But not everything was a success ... I made a suggestion for a public commission for a school - but my competitor got the job ... The things happens now and then.
Then I had an exhibition showing the sketches and work process for a public commission for a school ("here, take mine") from 2013  - at Skissernas Rum at Gallery KC Väst.
In June my Land Art project resulted in a methodology book (120 pages, in Swedish) for artists - available on-line here - and to spread the word I gave lectures ... 
 and Land Art workshops for artists.

During the last days of June I made a wall painting for Artmadethis - an urban art project promoting female artists in the four biggest cities in Sweden.

I named the painting "Let them eat cake"

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