Sunday, December 16, 2012

three parallel creative projects

I thought I would now just concentrate on two things - my children's book and my upcoming exhibition - but NO. I've now been asked to sketch for a public commission - which I'm very happy about  - YES! With deadline in the end of January (ooops!)

It will be a true challenge for me to concentrate on three parallel creative projects. I'm trying to imagine that I'm entering specific rooms for each project and then closing out the other two. I feel I need three months to finish all of them, but have just like one and a half (and I can't skip Christmas) - so I have to be super effective and plan the time really well ... and pray for help from above with an instant superb idea for that public commission when I visit the premises on Tuesday.

So until all is done this blog will just be images of work in progress without much text...

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Anonymous said...

Lycka till med inspirationen imorgon!