Monday, December 10, 2012

retake; process leading to light signs

So here we go again - back to my account of the long process that started more than a year ago (read first part of the process and second part):
November 2011 
As I mentioned before I decided to keep the transparent plastic as a mask - instead of a paper one originally intended - as static electricity kept it in place.
When I spray painted I then got this unexpected effect - the plastic curled and created like a frame!  
I liked this a lot; it became more iconic, but at the same time kind of trashy
fake, plastic, baroque
I had to take the plastic away though. (In this room and with that light it was still ok, but not as good as with the plastic on)
Back in the studio - boring.

- Maybe I should try to recreate that wrapping, that plastic golden frame, following the shapes? Maybe I should go for more instead of less? I had started to paint watercolour on canvas to get away from the frame and the "picture on the wall"-feeling - but maybe the solution should be not to have the frame as a necessity, but to use it as a central part of the art piece - to make a statement with it? To use it to support what I was trying to say with the painting?

- But how could I recreate it in a lasting way?
(this was still november 2012)

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Rebecca said...

It definitely reminded me of gold leaf religious paintings of Mary. Hoping you can work it in somehow-I really liked it!