Tuesday, November 22, 2011

today: glass

The container with discarded glass pieces at the glass firm where I got some bits for free for my experiments when saying I was an artist (helps most of the time). I smiled and was as nice as I could - but the man didn't smile back and just kept saying "Don't cut yourself" "Don't cut yourself" . (Did I look that careless?) I found a big piece, even better than I could have hoped for - 6 mm thick and everything. Just what I needed.
Mia Frankedal and Mia Branzell had just opened the big glass kiln when I arrived at KKV

They make glass angels together every year for Christmas. Their angels are inspired by a new artists every year. This year it was Sonia Delaunay, last year it was Louise Bourgeois
My glass piece. Tomorrow I'll cut the piece and prepare a kind of form for it before putting it into the kiln. I'll then slump the glass. I took a glass course in 2004 and then I made a lot of test and experiments, but I never really found a way for me to use glass in my art. But now I think I know how I could use it. But I won't know for sure until I've made my tests... It could very well just be a dead end!

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