Sunday, October 10, 2010

on hospitality and Falun

a very grey sky
just in time for the opening of my exhibition; sunny weather.
strong sun light; Modhir Ahmed's shadow falling on the gallery wall

The sky was grey when I came to Falun on Wednesday, but just in time for the opening of my little exhibition on Thursday afternoon, the sun came out and changed all the colour's saturation. One and a half a year ago I was invited to exhibit at Galleri Hörnan by Swedish-Iraqi artist Modhir Ahmed who also is the director of The Print Workshop in Falun (Falun Konstgrafiska Verkstad) - Sweden’s oldest and most equipped print workshop. I had never been to Falun before, and had only talked on the phone with my host before arriving. Modhir Ahmed's hospitality was unlimited; he cooked me food and told me fascinating stories about art, Poland and Iraq. I hope to get the chance to repay his hospitality one day.

Falun is listed as a world heritage and there are interesting details everywhere. The Museum is really good as well! This is what I like about exhibiting where you haven't been before; making new friends and seeing new places...
a beautiful drainpipe
a permanent exhibition of dalecarlian horses at Dalarna Museum
Folk Art at the museum


marie-louise said...

Ja, visst får man vara med om mycket när man gästar ett nytt ställe. Och alla dessa snälla människor som finns överallt!
Det är intressant att följa ditt arbete här, även fast jag gärna hade velat vara på plats:)
Visst är det fint i Dalarna!

nathalie et cetera said...

Félicitations Alexandra ! J'aimerais tellement pouvoir visiter une de tes expos un jour.