Monday, March 02, 2015

new moo business cards

For years now I've made a new set of moo business cards for every new exhibition. I've been printing some of the art pieces in the exhibition on one side of the cards (and my contact info on the other, of course) - like a selected mini version of the exhibit ... as 
you can print many different motives in the same batch with moo. Another reason is that the quality of the moo business cards is great. (no, I'm not being sponsored by them!). I'm a bit extra sensitive to the printing quality as I work a lot in my art with pinkish and yellow tones that can get really "wrong" in print.

Anyhow; this time it turned out to be even better - they've just started offering square business cards! All my screen prints for my up-coming exhibition To Do [Laugh] are squarish so I had thought this would be rather tricky - but now it was just perfect instead. 
In addition screen prints are very suitable for reproduction ... so my new little business cards look just like mini-versions of my prints! I'm very happy about this; I can easily try different combinations for hanging the exhibition. Let's just hope now that my artist colleagues won't pinch them all at the opening ...

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