Wednesday, October 12, 2011

spray-paint haze

I love the way it can look in process sometimes, those involuntary magic results ... like after spray painting today. 

I'm finally painting my small version of Snow white, Batman and the Phantom. It is to be exhibited on Friday at Kulturnatta ("culture night", which means a lot is going on all night; exhibitions, theatre plays, music etc) Unfortunately spray-painting isn't for me at all as I'm too sensitive; I got so dizzy in spite of open windows, wearing a mask and immediately leaving the room afterwards - that I couldn't cut with my scissors with precision the 3 following hours. And that was just after spray painting the base coat!


Lotte said...

Shit haha..but looks cool :)
Culture night in Cph too friday ;)

gracia said...

Those magical ghost-like traces. I like them too.

nathalie et cetera said...

heureux accidents. very cool!