Thursday, August 18, 2011


the schoolbuilding where the restaurant is also located, and where I had my room as well.
Gerlesborg has an Art School (many of the students continue studying Fine Art a the schools that really count) with boarding. At summer and during school vacation - when the school is empty - they offer a program of art courses for people in general; mostly in watercolour. The concrete casting course is kind of an exception as it's more intended for professional artists/art teachers/architects.

Gerlesborg was the watercolour master Arne Isaksson's place.
there was a watercolour course going on at the same time. When I arrived they were painting sea creatures
Even though the landscape was stunning, the food superb and the accommodation good - that was not my reason to be here. I was here to learn how to cast in concrete. And tomorrow I'll let you in on what I learned.


marie-louise said...

Ville bara säga hej:)

Elin said...

I enjoy following your blog, but I must say that I find your contempt towards amateurs that seeps through now and then quite unflattering. It really looks like a sign of insecurity.

Is not art for everybody? Why is watercolour something for ladies in their sixties with henna-coloured hair? (Hmm you do use watercolour, but I guess that's different....)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Elin, I feel absolutely no contempt towards amateurs! If you had known me in person you would understand that for sure, but you don't.

I was actually really thinking twice before I posted about what the people at the watercolour course asked abut the concrete course. I knew it could sound a bit wrong - but I got the question about rhubarb leaves no less than 11 times (4 times with the follow-up question about the frog) ... so I found it sort of amusing! But as I now got it confirmed that it could be interpreted the way you saw it I'll take it away.

Now I'm really curious about when I you think I might have showed contempt before? Please let me know - because I don't want to give that impression in any way. Especially as my former watercolour students (amateurs - a word I don't find negative. It's just a term to differentiate) read my blog and some of them have become personal friends.

(I know watercolour isn't for ladies in their sixties with henna-coloured hair - I've taught so many night classes in watercolour - and I've never even once had one of those! Henna-coloured hair on ladies in their sixties is according to my experience much more common in artists at that age.)

And of course art is for everybody, but everybody isn't an artist.

Elin said...

Alexandra: maybe I have misinterpreted you, but I could not keep myself from making that comment because it was not the first time that I got this feeling when reading your posts.

Since I do not remember the exact posts I made a search for "amateurs" and actually found some older posts (before I found your blog) that did talk about teaching amateurs and that you enjoyed it.

I am sorry if I overreacted but you should not be picking on old ladies! ;-)

(for the record I am not in my sixties and henna has never touched my hair...)

Elin said...

Oh, and I wanted to add that I really like the fact that you show work in progress, and even things that you are not happy about, that takes courage.

And now of course I am curious about that dog....

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Elin - I'll be back later with a photo of the horrible horrible concrete dog ... "on request" so to say

Alexandra Hedberg said...

... still wondering about me giving the impression of contempt though. The only time I can think of is when I was a bit sharp/pissed off was when teaching the master students at the design school (HDK) in March. They aren't amateurs though and some of them were really pissing me off by showing up 2 hours late without excuses, not paying attention because they "knew it all" - and then making a mess because they didn't know anyway. But I did of course no spell this out, just implied something...