Thursday, April 30, 2009

under the magnolia

Another enchanted spring day. After many days indoor with tax report and administration - or at my part-time job (gallery) - I finally managed to spend some time outdoor working under the magnolia. I'm trying to come up with a second suggestion for the commission for the hotel. Just to have something to show if he rejects my suggestion with the soldiers.

I'm not very concentrated though . At this time of the year - when nature is changing at such a speed that you might miss out on things if you blink - I always manage to have too many things to solve. This commission is not the only one I'm working on. Parallel to this one I have two other ones to solve - one waiting for a board to take a decision, the other one waiting for me to start sketching on it.

And we'll move again next week.


●• Thereza said...

yes, it's always good to have at least a couple of option for clients... i prefer the soldiers idea though...

are you moving again?

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Thereza - the seascape with trees is kind of boring ... I have to do better than that! But I want to paint the soldiers!

Yes, we're moving again. we've been staying with my mother since we came back to Sweden. Now we'll move back to our apartment again. It's going to be so nice (but time consuming to make the move)

nathalie et cetera said...

I agree with you about blinking and missing out on something. Spring is so short and intense. I wish I could work under a magnolia these days :)

I find your working process very interesting.

gracia said...

Beneath a magnolia tree in bloom! Ah! Intoxicating indeed. I'd get nothing done in such a setting and I would love every minute of it too.

All the best with the move... and I hope you get to enjoy a little, allot, more of spring.

And thanks for your comments in regard to my stars... I am having fun mixing it all up and keeping things moving.

Christine Clemmensen said...

Dejligt at du har meget at lave.
Og ja, magnoliatræerne trækker også i mig. Og de blomstrer så kort tid - det er bare om at nyde dem:-)
god weekend

Esti said...

A magnolia tree is always a great sight.
I'm glad to hear you are busy with projects, ideas and the upcoming move. I hope everything works out and that you keep moving forward.

asphalt and air said...

moving again?!
poor girl.
i am sending all of my moving angels over there to help you out (and after my 15+ moves, i have a lot of angels to send you. believe me!)

marie-louise said...

Ja, lite frustrerande kan det onekligen vara...(och den där jäkla bokföringen)
Men dina tryck ser fina ut och försök att njuta av naturen mitt i allt!